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Hello Good People!
I'm Demetrius Williams, President of Savage Entrepreneurs! I'm very excited to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs! Below is a short story of who I am, and how I've reached this stage in entrepreneurship, along with other important people in our organization!
Add us to your inner circle! We're stronger together!

Our Story

Demetrius and Chris started entrepreneurship in 2016, shooting all types of photography and videography in central Georgia, shortly after honorably discharging from the US Air Force. 

They both went to Fullsail University but Demetrius got his bachelor's degree in Digital Cinematography and his entire focus was making commercials and advertisements for social media.


While the other students were making videos for the homework, Demetrius was getting clients & filming real commercials, turning them in as homework.

As more and more businesses trusted them with product images, videos & web design, they began selling products online for themselves. They soon realized, there were many ways of gaining attention and converting sales.

Naturally, they combined the talents of product content creation, store design & social media ads to create the powerful marketing strategies we implement every day!

The companies & technologies we use to support our efforts are becoming smarter and smarter. The website builders, social and selling platforms are all money-making technology, (money trees, if you will), and once you know how to make them bear fruit, the sky is the limit!

Contact us to learn more & start your journey on The Road To Indestructible Wealth today!


Chris Robinson

Vice President & Editor


Gage Stevens

Copy Writer & Web Designer


Jalisa Green

Content Manager & Marketer


Marcus Harris

Operations Director